13 février 2022

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It seems important to specify that I am not a real estate agent, that I am not a real estate professional, real estate broker and that I do not work for a real estate agency, a real estate company. I am neither an investor nor a real estate promoter … I am an individual wishing to settle in Aydat , this site is simply there to help me to find my future house.

Homes for Sale By Owner

Like many buyers, I would prefer a fizz Bo, not just to avoid agency fees. The sale between individuals allows to exchange, to share, to discover a place differently. Beyond the agency fees, payable by the buyer or seller, in my opinion an essential point remains the discovery of the property in question. During a first exchange or during a visit, it is very informative to exchange directly with the owner. In some cases he has information about his property that goes beyond the areas and materials, he knows its history, he may have had it built, he has probably done work, partial renovations or sometimes a renovation complete, in short it has lived within its walls … It offers potential buyers a personalized visit, a real expertise of their property.

Have you decided to sell your house?

You own a house in Aydat, you want to put it up for sale? Whether it is your main residence or your second home, do you want to favor a FSBO ? You have not yet published an ad and your property is not in a branch?
In active research, I am available to discuss your property and see if it corresponds to my research.

Do you know someone who is selling their house?

You have heard of a house that will soon be for sale , your neighbor, word of mouth, do not hesitate to talk about Aydat.net to this potential seller, or contact me directly if you wish to help me advance in my research.

Are you a real estate agency?

You are a real estate agent in Aydat, a realtor or a real estate agency in the area , you have a property for sale in the town, contact me to discuss it (There is a good chance, however, that I am already in your client portfolio).

⚠️ Important information : Real estate agency, real estate agent, real estate agent, real estate hunter : No need to contact me to advertise on this website, no need to ask me to send you a list of houses for sale on Aydat. In the interests of confidentiality, I do not divulge the information of sellers who contact me, nor to an agency, nor to anyone. If this paragraph is present it is because this type of request has already reached me. The owners who contact me trust me and respecting this is essential for me. I am neither a real estate business provider nor a commercial agent.

Classified Ads

My criteria : The property must be a detached house, with or without works, with a garden, the living rooms must have level access. The type of construction is not a criterion, it does not matter whether it is a stone construction, traditional construction, wood frame, chalet, architect’s house. However, I am not looking for building land for the construction of a new house.

In which area should the property be located ?

The property must be located in the capital of Aydat or located in one of the villages of the municipality: In La Cassière, in Fohet, in Fontclairant, in La Garandie, in Le Lot, in Le Mas, in Phialeix, in Ponteix, in Poudure, in Prades, in Rouillas-Haut, in Rouillas-Bas, in Saint-Julien, in Sauteyras, in Verneuge or in Veyréras. in Saulzet-le-Froid is not part of my research area.



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